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Jordan Essential Credentials

Unfortunately I do not have but two Essential Credentials of Michael Jordan.  Seeing as how he did not have cards in the set from 98-99 to 00-01, this was not a major focus in my collection.  They do, however, remain one of the most gorgeous parallel sets.


1996-97 EX2000 Essential Credentials 030/499

From one of the "super high end" sets of my early collecting days, this is one of Jordan's most appealing cards.  While not rare in today's collecting standards, it was one of the first cards to feature serial numbering.  This subset, however, suffers from mis-cuts at the top, which this card does.  A well-cut card will probably cost you a fortune - I have this one purely for sentimental reasons.


1997-98 EX2000 Essential Credentials Future 56/72

My favorite year of EX2000 brought two different version of Essential Credentials; the pictured "Future" version /72 and the "Now" version /9.  I have only once seen the /9 version and was in the process of obtaining it until the seller decided he could not go through with the sale.  This version will hold me over until then, it is a beautiful card in its own right.