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Jordan Inserts & Parallels, Fleer/Skybox

The bulk of my insert collection comes from Fleer/Skybox.  They produced, I believe, the best inserts sets of the 90's, including the Essential Credentials, Flair Legacies, PMG's and Rubies, which I have dedicated sole pages to.  These are the remainder of my favorites from Fleer/Skybox.


1997-98 Z Force Big Men on Court

This year's Z-Force produced some great inserts such as this one.  Inserted at 1:288 packs, this features a semi-3D background on plastic stock.  Very cool card to look at in person


1996-97 Z-Force Big Man on Court Zpeat

This all foil Zpeat version was inserted at 1:1,120 packs.  One of the best looking die-cut cards I own



1996-97 EX2000 A Cut Above

Corny as it may be, the complex die cut of this card makes it one of my favorites.


1998-99 Skybox Thunder Noyz Boyz

A relatively obscure set from a relatively obscure product.  The "Thunder" product itself did not seem too popular when it was released resulting in harder to find cards such as this.  Although not discernible from the scan, this card is printed on a flexible type holographic plastic stock.


 1998-99 Skybox Metal Linchpins

Another corny set, the multiple die-cuts in this card produce an amazing effect when held up to the light.


1997-98 Fleer Ultra Star Power Supreme

Printed on transparent plastic stock, this die-cut version is the rarest version of the Star Power set.


1998-99 Molten Metal Titanium Supernatural Fusion /250

Another card I kind of got lucky with.  I bought it before I knew how rare this set was, I just knew it was serially numbered, looked cool, and had to have it.  Should I try to get one now, it would cost me two to three times as much.  This card features more innovative die-cutting for Jordan's portrait in the background



1996-97 Ultra Court Masters

One of the earliest examples of an insert with high odds.  This set was inserted 1:180 retail packs and is extremely hard to find in good condition as the foil on the front suffered from printing problems.  This gorgeous card is printed on semi-clear plastic.



1997-98 Metal Platinum Portraits

Inserted at 1:288 packs, this is a set that has seen steady level of popularity.  Perhaps it's the complex die-cutting that makes it so attractive; if you cannot see it, try squinting your eyes.




1998-99 Skybox Thunder Rave 038/150

The relative obscurity of the Thunder product made this an extremely hard product to obtain.  The more limited "Super Rave" version continues to elude me.


 1998-99 Hoops Slam Bams 059/100

A more limited version of the "Bams" insert set,  this card features a gold foil background instead of silver and is numbered out of 100 copies.  The overproduction of the Hoops product spread these inserts far and wide and I was fortunate enough to get this in a lot.


1994 ProCards Birmingham Barons

Technically, not an insert, but one of my favorite non-serially numbered cards.  Many people wonder why this aesthetically ugly, cheap stock card would be ranked among my favorites.  During Jordan's hiatus from basketball, he joined the Birmingham Barons baseball team.  Fleer (ProCards) produced this set which included a dark unflattering picture of Jordan. During this production, however, Upper Deck retained exclusive rights to Jordan's image and Fleer had to order a new pose to release the approved 10,000 team sets.  The initial sets all had to be destroyed and only about a dozen or so of these were left.*  Finding one of these in raw form is practically impossible, so when given the chance to obtain one in BGS 9.9 condition, I had to take it.



1996-97 Flair Showcase Hot Shots

Quite possibly one of the most popular die-cut sets.  With the sharp angles of the cuts and printing errors, finding a copy, let alone a good copy was not an easy task.  My top ten in designs from the 90's.



1997-98 EX2001 Jambalaya

Again, the Fleer/Skybox company provides one of my favorite inserts ever.  This set has a fervent following, making this one of the most desirable early cards of Jordan.  The die-cut, prismatic stock and scarcity of this card all are contributing factors to me naming this one of my favorite Jordan inserts, regardless of autograph, GU or serial numbering.



1998-99 Fleer Playmakers Theatre /100

Perhaps one of the most sought-after inserts from the 90's.  Numbered to 100, it was one of the first cards that I actively searched for every day.   This insert set continues to be one of the most collectible and sought-after sets from the 90's.  Although 100 copies doesn't seem to be a small number, for 1998-99 releases, it's considered rare.  Thus far I have only seen three copies surface