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Jordan Inserts/Parallels Upper Deck

A few of my favorite cards from Upper Deck


1997-98 Upper Deck Game Dated Memorable Moments

This parallel set was inserted at 1:1500 packs.  With 180 cards in the set, the odds of pulling this are something like 1:270000, unless my math is off.  Unless you were looking for it, this parallel may have found its way into the commons bin because the only differentiating  factor is the full foil background. 


2003-04 Upper Deck All Stars Black

 Although not from my main focus of the late 90's, I have only seen this card for sale once on ebay.  With this being jersey numbered as well, the old-school die-cut design is what makes this one of my favorites.


1998-99 Upper Deck Forces Gold /25

         1999-00 Now Showing /25                   1999-00 History Class /25

            1999-00 Encore Jamboree /25               1999-00 Star Surge  /25

1999-00 Wild! /25

  I've grouped the five cards above together as they are all from 1999-00 Upper Deck releases.  They are all the "Quantum" or "Level 2" version of the normal inserts and are numbered out of 25


 1998-99 SPx Finite #100 Spectrum 088/250

One of the most frustratingly difficult products, SPx Finite had every single card serially numbered.  From 10,000 copies to 1 masterpiece, these cards have been at the top of my wantlists since their release.  This is the lowest numbered card I have been able to obtain out of this set.  As frustrating as this set is, it is also one of the most appealing to me.



 1997-98 SP Authentic Profiles III

This insert featured three levels with the third being die-cut and serially numbered out of 100.  What would seemingly be an easier card to obtain took me a very long time to obtain.



1997-98 Upper Deck Diamond Dimensions

1997-98 was a good year for Upper Deck inserts.  This is actually a parallel of an insert called "High Dimensions" numbered to 2000 copies.  This die cut version was numbered out of 100 and was one of the last cards I added to my collection as I could not find one for sale until very late.



1997-98 SPx Grand Finale

This year's SPx introduced numerous parallels of the regular base card; sky blue, bronze silver, gold and the Grand Finale.  While similar to the Gold version, the Grand Finale features a lighter Gold background and is numbered out of 50 copies.