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Jordan Precious Metal Gems

Affectionately known as PMG's, these remain one of the most sought-after and desired cards of many collectors. 1997-98 introduced one of the most historically important parallels of all and their popularity has only increased.


1997-98 Skybox Metal Precious Metal Gems Red 082/100

Limited to 100 copies, the first 10 were made with a green foil background as opposed tto the red one here.  The Green version has eluded me since I started collecting and probably always will.  However, I am more than content with this one as the Green would probably cause my bank account to meltdown.



1997-98 Skybox Metal Championship Preview Precious Metal Gems 028/50

 I never understood the "Championship Preview" part of this set, but what I do know is that this is my favorite Precious Metal Gems of Jordan.  The amazing circular holographic background, great action shot and being limited to 50 copies makes this not only my favorite PMG but favorite cards overall.