hychang5 collection

Kobe Topps

1998-99 Stadium Club One of a Kind /150
The all foil background parallel of Kobe's base numbered to 150
1998-99 Topps Gold Label Red /25
One of his rare issues from this year.  This parallel is numbered to 25 copies
1998-99 Topps Gold Label Red /25
 The parallel of his base card from this set numbered to 25 copies

Kobe Finest

1996-97 Finest Refractor Bronze

A pretty low-priced card considering this is from Kobe's rookie year.  Due to the fact this is the more common "Bronze" subset


1996-97 Finest Refractor Gold

The aforementioned "Gold" version from this year's set.  Although many people place a large importance on the peel being intact, it's never been a factor for me.  This card features a finish similar to what is referred to today as an "Atomic Refractor.  Truly a gorgeous card in person


1997-98 Finest Embossed Refractor Silver 134/263

Just as in the case of the Jordan card from the same set, a very under-appreciated card  considering the beauty of this card.  Not extremely scarce at 263 copies, but not as easy find either.



 1997-98 Finest Embossed Refractor Gold /74

This card steals the attention away from all the others in this year's Finest.  One of my favorite parallels of one of my favorite players.


1998-99 Finest Centurions Refractor /75

I didn't keep up much with Finest after 97-98, but this is one of the cards I wanted.  I had a lot of trouble finding this one for some reason as it's numbered to only 75 copies.  I thought it would be easier to find that it was; I had to obtain this one from overseas


1999-00 Finest Centurions Refractor /150

Another card I got interested in kind of late.  For being numbered to 150 copies and from the late 90's, I really didn't know this card would be so hard to locate.