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Kobe Inserts & Parallels, Fleer/Skybox/Hoops

Just a warning, this page will probably have the most pictures on it.  It may take a while to load.


1996-97 Z Force Zpeat Zebut

 I still have no idea what all the "Z"'s are about.  This version was inserted 1:240 packs as opposed to the regular version.



1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe Championship Hardware

Not serially numbered, but at 1:360 packs, this was a tough pull


 1999-00 Apex Xtra /50

The parallel of the regular base set, the Xtra series is numbered to only 50 copies.  This set seems to be very hard to locate, but thanks to Corey, I was able to add to my collection.



1999-00 Skybox Premium Club Vertical /100

One of the harder cards from 99-00. This cool die-cut card took me forever to find as it was one of the last cards added to my collection.



1999-00 Hoops 100% Pure Player /100

 The more limited version of the Pure Players insert which had 500 copies



1999-00 Fleer Gamebreakers /100

Yet another great insert to come out of the regular Fleer release, this card features a holographic swirl background and is numbered to 100 copies


1998-99 Skybox Thunder Noyz Boyz



1998-99 Molten Metal Supernatural Fusion /40

Call me a sucker for die-cutting.  Not only is his image die-cut in the background, but the serial numbering is die-cut as well.



1997-98 Ultra Stars Gold

The regular cards were inserted at 1:144 packs.  Of the total print run of those, ten percent were gold.  I actually think collectors over-value this "gold" version, but it's still an amazing card to look at in person.



1999-00 Fleer Supreme Court /20

One of his lesser-known cards, this parallel was numbered out of only 20 copies



1999-00 Apex Cutting Edge Warp Tek /25

Skybox made this already cool looking card even better by replacing the background with a 3D type surface and limiting it to 25 serially numbered copies.


1999-00 Skybox Premium More Good Stuff /99

A parallel of the "Good Stuff" insert; this one has a much better looking foil background and is limited to 99 copies



1999-00 Skybox Dominion Sky's the Limit Warp Tek /25

Another obscure release produced one of the more chased parallels.  This Warp Tek version features an enhanced holographic background and is limited to 25 copies.


1999-00 Fleer Focus Soar Subjects Vivid /50

This "Vivid" version features a beautiful foil background, die cutting and is limited to  50 copies.  After years of searching fruitlessly, I finally managed to snag a copy of this one


1998-99 Hoops Slam Bams /100

 Another parallel of an insert, this one features a gold background and is limited to 100 copies as opposed to the normal version which already rare enough at 250 copies



1999-00 Fleer Mystique Raise The Roof /100

My absolute favorite insert from any of Fleer's 99-00 releases.  The finish on this card is unbelievable


1998-99 Fleer Brilliants 24-Karat Gold /24

One of his lowest numbered parallels from the 1998-99 releases.  This card features a striking solid gold background and is serially numbered out of 24



1997-98 Z Force Zupermen Super Rave /50

 The Super Rave series seems to be extremely elusive, so I'm happy I got this one before I even knew what a "Super Rave" was.  The lettering on this parallel is replaced with multi-dimensional gold foil and is serially numbered out of 50



2000-01 Mystique Film at Eleven Top Story /11

An insanely difficult insert to locate.  This card is a parallel of an insert, features a mirror-like rainbow background and is serially numbered out of 11 copies.  A great collector by the name of Corey was gracious enough to let me add this to my collection.



1997-98 EX 2000 Jambalaya

From the almighty Jambalaya set, I love how Kobe seems to be jumping straight out of the card.  One the most historically important sets when discussing highly collectible inserts


1998-99 Fleer Playmakers Theatre /100

One of his most sought after (and hyped) inserts from the 90's.  The gold foil background and embossed player photo makes this one of my favorite cards



1999-00 Ultra Millennium Men /100

I consider this his most underrated card and also my favorite insert of his from the 90's.  The background is semi-holographic and printed on clear plastic stock.  I have never seen one for sale publicly and acquired this privately.  Special thanks to Corey for his help on this one!