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Autographed Cards, non game-used

2000-01 SP Authentic Sign Of The Times Platinum Autograph /23

Serially numbered out of 23 copies, which is difficult to see from the picture, but it is at his chest area. This one is serially numbered 01/23

1999-00 Upper Deck Hologrfx UD Authentics autograph

Probably one of the hardest cards for to track down, possibly due to the product it 

was inserted in was not horribly popular.  

1996 SPx Pack-Inserted auto

One of the defining autograph cards of Jordan, this is the pack inserted version 

which has a matching trading card sized COA with it.

1999-00 Upper Deck MVP Prosign Auto /23

I absolutely loved Upper Deck's autos from "low-end" sets like MVP. They are incredibly hard to find and beautifully simplistic.

1999-00 Upper Deck Ovation Super Signatures /23

Another from a "low-end" set, just beautiful in my eyes with a clear bold signature

1998-99 UD Ionix Autograph /23

This card just always stood out to me because of it's insane book value in Beckett. It's one of those cards that I'd glance at the price twice every time I browsed the guide.

1997 Jordan Championship Journals /50

Randomly inserted in a factory set commemorating Michael Jordan. This over-sized card is limited to 50 copies. I had a few chances to pick one of these up at a reasonable price, but they all suffered from severely faded autographs. This is one of the few copies I have seen that still has a bold autograph.

2000-01 MVP Prosign Gold /25

One of my favorite autos comes from Upper Deck's "cheap" brand. I think they did a great job on the design of this one

 2003-2004 Ultimate Collection Buyback /24

While not generally a fan of buybacks, this card caught my eye because it was one of the cards I had been searching for in the non-autographed version. I was unaware that there was even a buyback version so I had to have this one. Although the autograph is not the cleanest, I have never regretted buying this (not to mention the lot included the black /25 version as well). I also love the uniform he is in as well on this card.

1998-99 UD Encore UD Authentics /50 (NNO)

Not serially numbered, but this card is limited to 50 copies. Inserted randomly in the 98-99 release of Upper Deck Encore. I love the clean look of this card with a great design that features his signature well

1999-00 Ionix UD Authentics /23

Another one from the Ionix release, I love this card because of the clean design

1999 MJ Athlete of the Century Autograph /23

May be one of his less known autograph cards. These were inserted in a release dedicated solely to Michael Jordan. There were two autographed cards, each numbered to 23 inserted in these boxes - but they are practically impossible to pull

1998 Upper Deck MJx Autograph /50

Numbered to 50, this is one tough card to track down. This was also another MJ exclusive set that Upper Deck released. The overall consensus is that this product was pretty rare in itself. A box of MJx could probably run between $200 to $300 right now provided you could find one

1996-97 SPx Force Autograph /100

One of the quintessential autographed Jordan cards in my opinion. Although numbered to 100, which is a lot in today's standards, back when this was released it was a landmark card and incredibly hard to obtain. This was one of those "dream cards" that I could not obtain when I was younger.

 1998-99 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Gold

From the die-cut design to the great double shot of Jordan to the clean signature area, this card stands among one of my favorites because it encompasses all my ideal attributes of an autographed card. It is to me, one of the best designed cards Upper Deck has ever put out.

1999-00 Upper Deck Retro Level 2 /23

One of the most popular sets from this year, this set featured a lot of great names in it. I missed out on this one the first time around, but luckily for me, the original winning bidder did not pay and the card was offered again. Amy, if you see this message, thanks for helping me acquire this card!

 1997-98 SP Authentic Sign of the Times

My favorite non-gu autographed card ever. Although 96-97 had the SP brand, this was the first year of SP Authentic and the "Sign of the Times" set. I have never seen this card for sale on ebay and had to go overseas to get this one. Though this card was one of my most difficult to obtain, it was certainly worth it. The sweet die-cut design doesn't hurt either :)

As of 09-25-2011, this card has appeared on ebay a few times, but all instances have had the auction end early and sold offline to rumored amounts between $3500 to $5000.

Autographed Cards, with game-used

2003-04 UD Glass Monumental Marks

One of my favorite sets outside of my main interest of the 90's. A bit of a "digital-style" design, I was attracted to this card because of the great way the jersey and autograph were presented. I also really like the cards that feature a piece of the black Bull's jersey, so this was an added bonus

2000-01 SPx Winning Materials GU Shoe/warmup auto

Love the fact the combo and the fact that the shoe piece actually says "game-worn"

1999-00 UD Game Jersey Autos /23

Sort of an impulse buy when I was snapping up everything from the late 90's of Jordan. I'm glad I went for it though as recent prices have been trending upward.

1999-00 UD HoloGrFX NBA Shoetime Auto /23

Just a sweet design overall. I loved the card even without the autograph 

1999-00 Ovation A Piece Of History Autographed Version /23

Yet another card that I had been looking for the non-autographed version of. When I was younger, I would have been ecstatic to have just the normal version of this card because I felt the design was so beautiful. Getting the autographed version was just that much better and it remains one of my favorite cards.

2000-01 Hardcourt Game Floor Autographs /23

2000-01 NBA Legends Legendary Floor Autographs /23

I've grouped these two together as for some reason, I have an affinity towards GU Floor cards. Perhaps it's because I've seen so many autographed jersey/patch cards that anything different instantly captures my attention. The Hardcourt card in particular took me an extremely long time to locate. Once that popped up on ebay, I was not going to let it get it away.

2001-02 Upper Deck MJ Comeback Commemorative Triple GU Auto /10

First off, I must thank Gerald from hobbykings for letting this amazing card go. Aside from being incredibly hard to find, having those three swatches from his three teams makes this card uniquely special to me.

1999-00 NBA Legends Legendary Jersey Autographed Version /23

This card is at the top of my list as it was one of the cards which I had only seen pictures of, but never thought I would be able to own. Again, I must thank Gerald from hobbykings for helping me obtain this card. The product itself was too pricey for me, so I really had no chance to land this card until it arrived as a single in the marketplace. This is a card that will likely never leave my collection.


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