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 Hello everyone,

Thank you to all who have decided to visit my website.  I have been a fan of basketball since my early teen years and have always had an interest in basketball cards and memorabilia.

During the late 90's there were an abundance of cards which I desired, yet did not have the monetary means to acquire.  I guess you could say I am "catching up" to those cards I could not obtain earlier on.  You will notice most of my collection centers around the late 90's to the early 2000's.

 I decided that if I were to ever get back into collecting, I would try to focus on my two favorite players of all time, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  Of course, the new crop of amazing athletes were not easily ignored so I also found an interest in Lebron James and Dwight Howard.  As Jordan and Kobe's late 90's card were drying up and growing exponentially in price, I also ventured into a bit other players as long as they were from sets I liked.  You will see these in the "Other Players" section.

 I must, of course, give a shout out to my brothers at hobbykings.com who helped to fan the flame of my passion for collecting again.  If I had not met those great collectors there, I probably would have stopped collecting and would not have been able to obtain some key pieces for my collection.  Special thanks to Quincy to invited me to the site and Gerald and Corey who have helped me fill some of the biggest holes in my collection.


Just as in my photobucket, I have broken down my collection into the categories of Autographs, Autographed Game Used, Essential Credentials, Topps Finest, Flair Legacies, Game Used, Inserts and Inserts Serially Numbered 

My entire collection can be found here in my photobucket:

My Photobucket

 I have not included every single card I own here; instead I have chosen my favorites so that I can add a little background/commentary to them - something I cannot do in photobucket.

   **I also want to say that all the images on this website that are not of cards or memorabilia are not mine.  The picture of Kobe above belongs to tysonbeck.com and the Jordan picture is just a picture taken from the internet and edited.  If you own either images and wish for them to be taken down, please use the "Contact Me" feature on the left**

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