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Dwight Howard

One of my favorite current players, here are a few of my favorite Dwight Howard cards.  My main focus is from his rookie year of 2004-05, but there are a few other pieces as well.


2008-09 SPx Spectrum 1/1

One of the few 1/1 cards I own



 2004-05 Sweet Shot Signature Shots

Red, White and Blue

Not sure if a "Stars and Stripes" /10 version exists


 2005-06 Topps Style 1952 Superfractor

The only superfractor I have, Topps did a great job on the finish for this one



2007-08 Artifacts Logos 1/1

One of the first 1/1 cards I ever obtained


2007-08 SP Game Used Tag Men /3

I never really got into the tag cards, but still love this card


 2005-06 Exquisite Emblems of Endorsements /15



 2004-05 Black Diamond Quadruple Diamond Jersey Auto /10

Not very well known, but it's from his rookie year and limited to 10 copies



 2004-05 Trilogy Signature Swatches /25


 2004-05 SPx Rookie Jersey Spectrum /25

The rare version of his SPx rookie card



2004-05 Ultimate Rookie Patch /25

One of my favorite rookie cards of Dwight


 2004-05 SP Authentic Rookie Limited /100

I guess I'm simple - I don't need a patch or anything, just a nice clean card with a good action shot and highlighting of the autograph


 2004-05 Sweet Shot Three Point Shots /12

Probably one of the best sets Upper Deck has come out with, the Three Point Shots is one of the most attractive cards I own


 2004-05 Trilogy Rookie Premier Crystal /10

One of my "white whales" for a long time.  This card is printed on semi-clear plastic and features a patch, autograph and limited to 10 copies


 2003-04 UD Legends Draft Rainbow /25

There may be slightly less that 25 copies as these were inserted via redemption in the 03-04 release of NBA Legends


 2004-05 Topps Photoshoot /??

Nobody knows how many copies of these exist as they were never put into packs.  Topps produced these cards, but Upper Deck secured exclusive right to Dwight's autographs.  Supposedly Topps just gave all the copies to Dwight and he gave them out to friends.  How it got distributed is not known, but so far less than half a dozen have surfaced and I regret not getting a second one

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