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Jordan Flair Legacies

I'm not sure what can explain my fascination with the Legacy series from Flair Showcase.  They are basically the same card with blue foil lettering instead of silver/gold foil.  Perhaps it's the fact that the normal versions themselves are so attractive that it made me want to obtain the Legacy versions.  1996-97 marked what I believe the highest point for Fleer/Skybox and that lasted until 1999-00.  They produced my most desired inserts and parallels during those years. 

Here are the Legacies I own, starting from the first year they were produced in 1996-97.



Row 2 /150

Row 1 /150 


Row 0 /150


Row 3 /100


Row 2 /100 

Row 1 /100

Row 0 /100



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