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For some reason, early Kobe autographs from the 90's do not command a huge premium when compared to Jordan's.  Perhaps it's because the autograph he used for a long time was very short and simple.  In all honesty, I like his old signature better and his late 90's autograph cards remain relatively affordable.

Autographed Cards, non game-used

2000-01 MVP Pro Sign Gold
I have an affinity for Upper Deck's so-called "low-end" sets when it comes to autographs.  They produce some of the rarer cards as the product is usually not met with much fanfare.  This is the gold version from their Pro Sign subset.
2000 Santa Suit Autograph
An oversized card, Upper Deck produced a number of these for their employees (as far as I know).  Only 25 of these cards were autographed and though it may be a corny concept, I like it :)
 2000-01 Slam Signature Slams
Not by any means his most expensive autographed card, but one of the most visually appealing to me.  This card is printed on clear acetate stock, which highlights the signature very well.

Autographed Cards, with game-used

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