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Kobe Game Used

Below are a few of my favorite non-autographed game-used cards of Kobe.

2004-05 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Patch

Although not from my main focus of late 90's and not very limited, the overall design and choice of photo made this a very attractive card to me.



2000-01 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch & Gold Patch

Finding a nice Kobe patch from the late 90's to the early 2000's has been pretty tough.  I've found that cards such as the four above regularly cost more than his autographed cards from those years.





1999-00 Upper Deck Game Jersey Patch & Super Patch

Probably the costliest game-used cards of Kobe from my main area of interest.  I have not seen these hit the open market very often so I try to get them when they do.  While the "Super" patches are numbered to 25 copies, the regular patch cards yield gorgeous patches as well.


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