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Kobe Inserts Upper Deck

Here are a few of my favorite Upper Deck inserts of Kobe.  Although not as highly regarded as Fleer/Skybox inserts, I found that some of these were just as difficult or more difficult to locate than some of the Fleer releases


2000-01 Upper Deck Slam! Extra Strength /25

I'm not sure what was up with the "Slam" release as I didn't pay any attention to it when it came out and it seems a lot of other people did not either.  I didn't even know there was this die0cut version on clear stock until on popped up on ebay about two years ago and fell in love with the set


2004-05 Black Diamond Quad Diamon /5

While not from my normal interest of the 90's, from some reason I love this set.  I think maybe it's because the foil finish reminds me of Upper Deck's earlier releases and the limiting of copies to just five.  I have only been able to pick up 2 of the five copies, so who knows if I'll ever have the entire print run?



2003-04 Upper Deck All Stars Black /25

Surprisingly another card not from the 90's.  Because it's so hard to find, die-cut and serially numbered, it's reminiscent of what I love about rare inserts



1999-00 Ovation Standing Ovation /50

Back to the 90's now - my affinity for chase cards from the lower end sets is apparent again.  Numbered out of only 50, this is the only copy I have run across


1998-99 Ultimate Victory /25

One of the only few jersey numbered cards I have of Kobe - this card features crazy prismatic foil and is limited to 25 copies


1999-00 Upper Deck Jamboree Quantum /25

One of the harder to find "Quantum" editions of Upper Deck inserts, these were die cut, have a foil background and are numbered out of 25



1998-99 SPx Finite Top Flight Spectrum /50

One of my favorite sets from the 90', this is the lowest numbered card of Kobe I could find so far


1999-00 Black Diamond Final Cut /100

Another parallel of a base card, this card is die cut with a gold background and is limited to 100 copies


1997-98 SP Profiles III

The most limited version of the Profiles insert - this one features a foil background, embossed photo, die-cutting and limited to 100 copies


1997-98 Upper Deck Diamond Dimensions

The more limited version of the "High Dimensions" insert, this one is die-cut and serially numbered to 100.  Fading of ink seems to be a common problem with this set.  I still love the set though - it had been one of my "white whales"for a while



1997-98 SPx Grand FInale /50

Probably considered his rarest Upper Deck card from the 90's besides the SPx masterpieces.  I jumped to get this card and have not regretted it at all.


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